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 Minimum Eligibility Self-Assessment (MESA) Checklist

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Self-Assessment Checklist

The following set of questions is provided for a self-assessment of your institution's general eligibility. If you need further assistance, please contact Accreditation and Institutional Development at
Type of Institution
My institution is a post-secondary educational institution. Yes No
My institution is independent, not a government-funded public institution. Yes No
ACICS cannot consider public institutions for initial accreditation.
Type of Governance
My institution is registered as a corporation, limited partnership (with a corporate general partner), or as a limited liability company. Yes No
Institutions cannot be organized as a sole proprietorship or partnership (Section 1-2-100(g)).
Type of Organization
My institution is organized as an educational institution, providing a full array of service to students. Yes No
Level of Program Offerings
My institution awards credentials - certificates, diplomas, associate’s, bachelor’s, and/or master’s degree programs. Yes No
A certificate of completion is not an academic credential.
Length of Programs
My institution conforms to accepted practices based on the level of program offerings. Yes No
My institution has at least one program that requires a minimum of 300 contact hours of instruction. Yes No
To be considered an institution of post-secondary education, at least one program must meet this 300 contact hour minimum (Section 1-2-100(a))
Government Authorization
My institution is legally organized and holds current licensure by the appropriate agency which authorizes postsecondary institutions. Yes No
The institution must be an organization recognized and approved by the appropriate oversight agency in its location of operation (Section 1-2-100(a))
Length of Institutional Offerings
My institution has offered educational services to students for a minimum of two years prior to application. Yes No
(If no) Date of first class start:
Financial Stability (?)
My institution demonstrates financial stability as evidenced in an independently audited financial statement.
Yes No
Appropriate Mission
My institution’s primary mission is to help students develop skills and competencies required for specific professions or careers. Yes No
The objectives supporting the mission must be professional or career-focused (Section 1-2-100(c) & 3-1-100)
Program Effectiveness and Instructional Delivery
My institution’s program content is comparable to those offered in other accredited institutions. Yes No
My institution has more than 50 percent of the programs delivered in classroom-based, on-ground (residential) settings Yes No
My institution offers its programs primarily online or in a distance education delivery format. Yes No
Adequate Number of Enrollees and Graduates
My institution’s current enrollment is sufficient to support course work and learning experiences in the programs. Yes No
More than 50% of the programs have had graduates during the most recent reporting (July 1 - June 30) year. Yes No
Consideration of Current and/or Prior Record (?)
My institution is in compliance with all applicable laws. Yes No
My institution is in good standing with accrediting, state, or federal agencies. Yes No
Are all of the owners or managers clear of any debarment action by ACICS? Yes No
Geographical Location(?)
My institution is located within the United States or its territories. Yes No
Preliminary Visit
Check if you would like to request a preliminary diagnostic assessment visit based on unique circumstances regarding the institution and instructional delivery.
ACICS has the right to determine if an institution’s organizational structure, program offerings, nature of the delivery systems, institutional capabilities, prior accreditation history, or the availability of qualified evaluators in certain specialties makes it less than acceptable to assess the educational effectiveness of the applicant institution. In such cases, ACICS may either decline an application or propose alternate options prior to pursuing accreditation.