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 How to start the clock to credit hour process

​To start the change of ownership application, please do the following:

1.  Click on the blue + to the right of Clock to Credit Hour Conversion

2.  Select the location this applications pertains to from the drop down

3. Select the program associated​ to the clock to credit hour conversion from the drop down

4. Click on the blue submit button

5. Add the required documents (the application is the only required document to purchase) by either browsing or utilizing the drag and drop functionality 

6. Once document(s) have been uploaded, from the type menu – select the document type from the drop down menu.  

7. Once this is done, you may purchase the application by checking the check box next to the application name (on the right hand side ) and clicking on the Green "Proceed to Checkout"  button

Last modified at 7/14/2015 3:20 PM by Bill Davis